LIS British Studies – Winchester

On my visit to Winchester, I was able to visit the house where Jane Austen lived for a few weeks before she died. I was also able to visit her actual grave within the cathedral in town.

There is a plaque outside of Jane Austen’s last house which marks that that is indeed her old house. Being there made me feel more connected with one of my favorite authors. We went to stand in a green space that is right across the street to get better pictures and a nice breeze blew by along with the smell of honeysuckle. I want to believe in a way that instance meant it was a good sign that I chose Jane Austen as my research paper topic. I felt at ease in that moment and enjoyed being there.

A visit to Jane Austen’s grave within the cathedral was nice. There was detailed information displayed on boards within cabinets. This information told of Jane and her family life. It was nice to have this information about Jane Austen’s life in her final resting place. It is obviously a grave that is often visited because the staff of the cathedral include her grave on their brochure’s map.

I feel as though a lot of my research was done while actually being in places that meant a lot to Jane Austen. Seeing what she might have seen and being able to imagine that puts another view on primary research. Seeing her grave and how ornate the plaques and the window above it was nice because it showed that those that paid for these niceties understood the impact she would have on the literary world. She might have only spent a few weeks in Winchester, but she definitely made an impact on the area as well as the world.

IMG_1793 IMG_1804 IMG_1814


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