LIS British Studies – Bath

I was so excited to visit the city of Bath. This city was one of the most influential places on Jane Austen’s writing of a few of her novels. Austen herself was able to visit and enjoy the society as a young lady. She then moved there with her family but living there did not seem to match up to the memories of her prior visits.

While in Bath, I visited the Jane Austen Centre. This museum is very informative on Jane Austen’s life as well as what was going on in Bath and England when she was living and writing. First, visitors are given a brief presentation on Austen and her many siblings. Her parents had multiple sons but only two daughters, Cassandra and Jane. The two sisters were the best of friends. After the presentation, we were able to walk through the exhibits. These exhibits were educational and also interactive. We could dress up in regency attire, try out a quill and ink, and also taste tea biscuits while reading about tea time in Jane Austen’s era.

There were many objects from Jane Austen’s time on display. These objects are predecessors to what we use in the modern day. The objects included are ones that Austen would have used on a daily basis, thus providing an effect no matter how small.

The clothing on display must have also had an effect on Jane Austen. If someone is wearing something that he or she does not like, it would change his or her attitude towards other things. I feel as though attire would directly affect Austen’s attitude while writing about society within this time frame.

There is a wax model of what historians believe most closely resembles what Jane Austen looked like. This is unsure because there is no definitive proof or picture of Austen herself.

IMG_2396 IMG_2313 IMG_2335


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