LIS British Studies – Barbican Library

The Barbican Library is the City of London’s main public library. When I say the City of London, that is in reference to the one square mile that was the original city run by Roman rule. It is the City’s main lending library that lends books, CDs, DVDs,  music scores, and more to citizens that live or work within the square mile. There are three lending libraries in the City of London; the Barbican, Shoe Lane, and Artizan Street. The Barbican is included within a community centre that focuses on the arts.

There are approximately 23,000 items in the Barbican library. This library uses a Dewey system that is customized to fit its needs. The large music library uses its own form for classification. There is separate exhibition space right inside the doors. This library issues more nonfiction than others, primarily to the male and young adult demographic. They do accept volunteers for special events such as summer reading and other children’s events. Children are allowed to have their own cards and can utilize the library along with an adult.

The music library was founded in 1983 and is one of the leading sources for arts. It was the first dedicated music library within the square mile of the City. This music library and one other in the city of Westminster are the only two in the area. There are over 9,000 books for the academic and public use related to music. Musical periodicals are provided free from societies for this music library. There are over 16,000 scores available to musicians. They now have to send scores for binding so that users will not damage them. This portion of the library has survived because a large part of its users are older city workers who visit the physical library. This helps to encourage others to take advantage of a wonderful library.

The Barbican Library, London

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