Day 9

Sorry I haven’t updated this week! I haven’t had much down time. But that’s been a good thing because I’ve been on tours of awesome places! This post will be to update my family and friends but my next few will go into more detail on some of my visits. They’ll be graded for my class but obviously y’all can read them too if you want to know more of what I’ve been doing.

I’m pretty sure I’ve taken more selfies here than I took back home. It’s fun though to try to get a landmark in the background. Update on getting sunburned, I got a little bit but it’s not as bad as I was expecting!

Monday, we toured the museum of London. It was fun because it showed how London has changed since prehistoric days but also how some things do not change. Then I got to hang out with some of the people in my group. It’s really nice to have time set aside so to get to know the people I’m here with! I picked up a fan though because I knew it was supposed to get super hot in the next few days. This fan has been the best!

Tuesday was really cool. We got to take a day trip to Oxford. The town itself is neat and then we got to visit the university. I got to see a room where they filmed the Harry Potter infirmary scenes. The ceiling is awesome but I’ll talk more about it when I post about Oxford for a grade.


The whole town was awesome and the weather made it even nicer. I got to eat at a pub called the Eagle and Child. It’s a pub where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis would patron. Then we went to visit Christ Church. It’s very pretty and the history of it was neat to find out. Some of their exhibits (like the dining hall used for Harry Potter) were closed for renovations the day we went but we still got to tour the actual cathedral. The grounds were beautiful and I got to know some other friends in my group there!

Wednesday was the hottest day that London has had in forever. I think I read that it got up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit at Heathrow. Now, I’m used to heat and humidity but the fact that some places do not have air conditioning is tough. My own dorm room doesn’t have a/c so I was definitely glad I had my little fan. The British Library was amazing and really neat to see everything in there! Then we went to the London Library which was really cool. But not air conditioned so it was hard to focus. I still really appreciated our guides for taking their time in the heat to take us on a tour. That night I got to go eat the Old Bank of England pub. It’s a beautiful place with delicious food.

Thursday was neat because we got to visit the British Museum’s archives. The British Museum is definitely somewhere I need to revisit so I can actually see more of the exhibits. The archives were neat because there seems to be a lot of interesting items down there. Then I got to go to the Royal Geographic Society and we were shown items from explorer’s travels. That night I got to go eat with some friends at a surprisingly fun Mexican restaurant.

Friday was my independent research day so I used it for planning out what I need to do while I’m here and for settling some research questions. I also did laundry and that was an adventure on its own. The machines here are quite complicated to finally get them to start. It was weird. I had a fun Friday night as well!

Well, today is the 4th of July. Happy Birthday, America!! I kind of feel weird to not actually be in the USA today. But hopefully I’ll be able to find something patriotic to do that won’t annoy the locals.

Side note, this city has a lot of smells. I never know what’s going on. But I did get caught in a London rain last night so that was fun!


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