Day 2

I’m actually surprised that I was able to sleep so well last night! I figure I was extra tired though. To be honest, I don’t remember much of yesterday. haha

Today was filled with a lot of fun! First, we had a class meeting. It was about our schedule and a formal introduction to our professors. The schedule just made me even more excited about where we’ll be visiting this month!

Then we got to tour Parliament! It was very interesting. There are so many details in the architecture and inner decorations. It’s amazing how much history has happened there. We had an audio tour so we could go as fast or as slow as we wanted.

Of course, I saw Big Ben!


After we left Parliament, I went with a group of other LIS students to find a cafe under a church that Dr. Welsh told us about. Sadly, we couldn’t find the cafe! We’ll have to search another time. Trafalgar Square was crazy busy though preparing for the Pride parade so we couldn’t search for it as easily as a less crowded day. Although, I figure that area is pretty busy most of the time. We found a place closer to our dorm and it was pretty good.

In the afternoon, we got to go on our London Alive tours. I signed up for the Sovereign, spies, and suffragettes walking tour. It was pretty interesting! There are a lot of amazing women in England’s history. Apparently there’s a movie coming out soon about Emmeline Pankhurst (played by Meryl Streep) called Suffragette. Her story sounds fascinating so I will definitely be going to see it.

That whole tour was pretty long so I was a little cranky after it. But then I got to go get fish and chips with one of my new friends!


Such a good choice and it was definitely something I had been looking forward to when I knew I was coming to London!

I went to get more groceries but realized I don’t have a knife to spread my peanut butter so I guess I’ll have to get some tomorrow!

Don’t worry, I’ve been using sunscreen on the daily so I haven’t gotten any sunburn!

-Mary Rodgers Beal


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